About Us


We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping to educate everyone on the importance of organ donation.


Everyone needs to become on organ donor.  It is so simple. Head to RegisterMe.com, your iPhone health app, sign up at your local DMV or your state Organ Procurement Office. See link below.


Carson the Transplant Bear was developed to give to children going through the transplant journey.  I know it was scary for my Dad; therefore, I can only imagine what it is like for a child.  We distribute a Carson the Transplant Bear and Book to each child that is going through the transplant process.



Counts had 8 months in her life there there was something extremely wrong with her dad, Stephen, but no doctor could inform her family what was wrong. Eventually, Stephen was referred to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. The doctors at Barnes Jewish informed their family on Counts’ thirteenth birthday that Stephen had Wilson’s Disease which is a rare

genetic disease that affects under 30,000 people worldwide every year. Due to a late diagnosis of Wilson’s Disease, Stephen’s liver had gone into failure, and the only cure was a full liver transplant. He was quickly placed on the National Transplant Waiting List with over 115,000 other Americans, and after months of waiting, he received a liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis. Throughout her family’s transplant journey, Counts saw the lack of education on organ, eye, & tissue donation and transplantation, shortage of registered organ donors, and need of more support to those involved in the donation and transplantation community.